…stiletto canvas sneaker, that is. In honor of my upcoming trip to London/Paris, I’ve decided to step outside the box. What better way to do it than in these fun and quirky sneakers from Be&D. So cool, so now, so London…at least for one day.

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Initially, I wanted the black. I ended up with neon pink, which is perfectly inline with the current craze over neon brights for the spring. These are going fast!


I am less than two weeks away from my upcoming travels to the UK. Hubby and I will spend 7 days in London, making two trips to Paris. All this has me excited and I must confess. I am getting pretty antsy as the days go by. Which has me wondering. What do I pack?

I know what you’re thinking. An empty suitcase, of course, right? Ok, yes, I will travel with an “almost empty” suitcase for all the wonderful finds I plan on bringing back. But what will I wear in the streets of London? Streets of Paris? With the exception of the ridiculously high counts of pollen, the temperature here in Atlanta has already reached 80 degrees so you know I’ve been sporting yellow denim and other bright colors. But London’s weather is unpredictable, so I’ve heard. Not so warm right now.

So far, I’ve only committed to 2 pair of jeans and 3 tops. The shoes/boots have me extremely puzzled. Comfortable, but cute, walking shoes are a must. Party footwear have to accompany me on this trip and some fun pieces of jewelry, of course (thanks to http://www.bexcessive.com). But is that enough?

I have been spending time on some of the more popular Street Style blogs in London, just to get an idea of what my outerwear options are. But I’m curious, what are your favorite London Street Style blogs? Perhaps, they can help me pull my suitcase together.

Who doesn’t like free jewelry? I know I do, espciallay when it’s actually something I would wear. So, here’s the skinny – bexcessive.com has launched a Jewelry Giveaway. All you have to do to enter is like bexcessive.com on Facebook. Easy-peazy. Here’s a snapshot of the giveaway:









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On a quest for true spring weather, as I am? Well who said we can’t bloom in our pants? This spring, the buzz is the “Printed Denim”. How quickly the press left behind animal prints and moved on to floral and geometrical prints. If you’re thinking they’re not made for you, think again. I can’t wait to hit the streets in my new flair for flowers.

As you can see, this floral printed denim works best rolled up and paired with neutral feet with some height. Keep your top very basic with this print, make sure you jewelry is at a minimum and go all out on your makeup. And whatever style bag you decide to drag around while floucing in these florals, do make sure it is in the brown family. Keep the focus on the legs!


Deal Hunting Done

Looking for fantastic jewelry and accessories without the high price ticket? Look no further. I have partnered with www.bexcessive.com to bring you closer to your dreams. Now, until March 10, 2012, you can get 15% off, PLUS free shipping on any priced order by using coupon code LADYLYCRA at checkout.

Bexcessive is an online jewelry store based in the US that sells a lot of celebrity-inspired jewelry and accessories and provides the greatest customer service. With new arrivals daily, you’re guaranteed to fall in love something. If you wish to make a purchase and live outside the US, please contact them directly for shipping and handling fees.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to be excessive!Go shopping….now!

Me, I’m wearing them on my wrist at the moment. You know me, always searching for what I call “Conversation Starter” pieces. And did I get lucky.

I fell in love with the red and gold crystal lip bracelet from http://www.bexcessive.com. It’s surprising eye catching. And I say “surprisingly” being facetious. It goes without saying that hot red lips make the men go wild! The amount of conversations struck up because of the bling on my wrist was tremendous.


The beauty of it all is that if you are seeking plump and juicy lips, you don’t have to endure plastic surgery. Just give these a try and you won’t be disappointed.

It hasn’t even been 24 hours since Target unveiled its Jason Wu collection, and it’s already almost sold out.

What was I thinking in taking my time making my way to Target near my home? You know what they say? You snooze, you lose. But I couldn’t believe my suburban neighbors wanted Wu too. The racks were practically bare. Really?

All I wanted was the oh-so adorable sheer blouse with sexy bowtie.

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